Renew was born in 2017 be people who were disillusioned with the Brexit result and the way information was misrepresented to get there. We didn’t feel any of the established parties spoke for us, so rather than do nothing we formed a new party.

We believe in honest politics and politicians, hardworking elected officials who will do what is in the best interests of the people who voted for them, and people who will follow the rule of law, not use their power and position to get around it.

Like many others we fought against Brexit becoming a reality, but we failed. Now, we want to ensure that the same mistakes aren’t repeated in Scotland. 

The Scottish people have the right to determine their destiny. It isn’t up to Westminster to decide whether or not Scotland remains in the Union. Much has changed since the 2014 referendum was held, and what people voted for then – to remain in the UK and the EU – is not currently an option. Whether or not it was supposed to be a ‘once in a lifetime referendum’ is irrelevant. If the Scottish people want to have another say, that is their right.

But we cannot make the mistakes of the Brexit referendum. We cannot make such an important and far-reaching decision on the basis of emotion and a desire to be ruled by anyone but Boris Johnson. However bad his record in government, he is a temporary PM. Scottish Independence would be far more permanent.

So, if we’re going to do it, we need to be armed with the facts. What will being independent mean for Scotland? Will we be able to rejoin the EU? Will we keep the pound, have our own currency or adopt the Euro? Will what we decide benefit Scotland’s economy and the Scottish people? Will we prosper like some Scandinavian countries that are often mentioned? Will we have a seat at the table in international organisations like the UN, NATO etc?

In each of these cases some say yes, some say no, but at this point in time none of us knows for sure.

That’s no basis on which to make such an important decision.

We have to know what truly lies ahead of us – and we can’t rely on the pro-Independence or pro-Unionist parties to give us the truth. Their positions are too entrenched, and, in some cases, too much rests on them ‘winning’.

For Renew, winning is about getting the right result for the people of Scotland.