Andrea Kozlowski

Andrea (25) is a PhD in Civil & Environmental Engineering in Glasgow.  She was born in Germany, but Freedom of Movement has allowed her to experience several European countries so far.

For her, being part of the Wellbeing Economy Alliance (WEA), Scotland has one of the most modern approaches to solving unique challenges, acknowledging human & ecological wellbeing as having much greater importance for humankind's future. The WEA is an exemplary alliance that promotes collaboration & togetherness.

Andrea is a member of Volt UK (part of a European wide movement of young people) and is standing for Renew Scotland.  She supports things like social equality, citizen empowerment, education overhaul, & sustainability. She is convinced that Scots know what is good for their country. Therefore, the Scottish Government should act as a mediator between national and international politics aimed at achieving the best possible result.