Anna Freemantle

Anna Freemantle (Born Amsterdam 1979) has spent the past 17 years in the fashion business, first as an internationally acclaimed model and then as producer and creative consultant to brands, government and educational institutions in Europe and Africa.

Freemantle is director and co-founder of The Edinburgh International Fashion Festival (2012 - 2016). The EIFF was an annually held festival driven by ideas and cross-discipline creativity. The festival sought out the innovative leaders, bold thinkers, revolutionaries and master creatives within the fashion industry, looking closely at how fashion collaborates and is inspired by music, science, visual art, dance, sustainability, food, philosophy, technology, architecture, film, literature and environmental issues.

The Festival was presented across a variety of platforms and mediums, which included runway shows, exhibitions, gala parties, workshops and symposiums and unique events throughout Edinburgh.

Each year Freemantle invited international luminaries to sit alongside local heroes, thereby engaging the industry and general public in original, thought-provoking ways.

In addition to her work with EIFF, Freemantle has run sustainability campaigns for Zero Waste Scotland, worked with the Nation Museum of Scotland on the 200yr Pringle of Scotland celebration and delivered a campaign for the Nelson Mandela Foundation. More recently Freemantle has worked with Johnston’s of Elgin and the late James Sugden OBE on projects at Dumfries House and beyond working on the revival of skills in the Scottish textile industry. Further to this she has consulted on the delivery of various high profile events, including the annual Alfred Dunhill Links Championship.