Bruce Henderson

Bruce Henderson (56)

Scottish Co-ordinator, Joint Scottish Spokesperson and UK Arts Spokesperson

Bruce was born in Edinburgh, spent 6 months living and going to school in South Africa as a boy and has lived in Edinburgh, Bo’ness and various locations around Fife, residing in Dunfermline for the last 7 years.

Bruce has spent most of his life in the voluntary sector in Scotland (raising over £4M for various causes), developing small charities, supporting regeneration projects and working in some of Scotland’s poorest communities.  His apprenticeship was with British Telecom (where he was also an active Union officer in the POEU), he has worked for Scottish Enterprise and undertaken freelance projects over many years, including the initial development of the successful “Funny in Falkirk” event.

While he has continued to work in the voluntary sector, over the last 15 years he has become and actor and filmmaker, taking part in various productions (theatre and film), is a sought-after Santa at Christmas and is now helping to develop a film collective in Fife that will aim to create a micro budget film studio.  He is also a Rotarian of many years, helping support local communities in Fife and other parts of the world.

Bruce’s previous involvement in politics was as a member of the Campaign for a Scottish Assembly, Campaign for a Scottish Parliament, the Vigil at Calton Hill and as a founder member of the Social Democratic Party (SDP) in the 1980/90’s, where he served as Secretary and Treasurer of the Scottish Council.  Bruce is a signatory to the “Claim of Right”, which was the declaration of the Scottish Constitutional Convention that helped establish the cross party collaboration that led to the Scottish Parliament. 

However, he dropped out of politics in the mid 1990’s, but supported Margo McDonald’s various Scottish Parliament campaigns and has now been inspired by the aims of the Renew Party to return and seek to challenge the current political mess, huge growth in poverty and the lack of accountability.  He is a keen European and sees our future back in the European Community.

Key issues for Bruce are ending poverty, honest & accountable politics, local energy generation, climate change and the development of the creative and circular economies, in particular.

In his own words: