Our proposal

The 2021 Holyrood election is not about independence – it is about choosing a government that will best steer Scotland until such a time as a final decision on independence has been taken. Whatever happens on May 6, Scotland will still be a part of the Union on May 7 and will still have massive challenges from COVID and Brexit to face.

However, we believe the people of Scotland deserve a second chance to express their wishes on independence. This shouldn’t be a binary Yes or No choice and we believe other options should also be included as well, such as an Isle of Man style arrangement for example.

If in a second referendum the people of Scotland voted for Independence, then the Government would be tasked with negotiating with the various key parties and developing a blueprint for what an independent Scotland would look like in practice – not in theory. This blueprint would then be put back to the people in another vote to decide whether or not the deal on offer is what they actually want. Not ‘Independence means Independence’. Not Independence at any cost. Not ‘Get Independence Done’. Independence if it suits the people. Independence only if it is right for Scotland.

Renew Scotland will fight for your rights to make the choices that are right for you. We will do our best to ensure the arguments that don’t suit the SNP or the Tories are still debated. We will work to ensure democracy prevails.