Peter Morton

Born in Glasgow's East End to a typically large working class family of 11 children, Peter went on to study Engineering and Physics in Glasgow and enjoyed a successful engineering career that took him around the world.

Peter has also been a foster parent and has represented his community through positions on Community Councils and committees.

His experience in innovation and engineering has given him the knowledge required to gather data, analyse it and imagine solutions to correct defective processes. He believes this allows him to better understand the limits of what we can and can’t do and how ideas can result in important changes to our society today.

Why is this important?

Peter believes that it will take a radical approach to get out of the present climatic and social conditions we are in. As an engineer and foster parent, Peter is used to working on long term complex projects, as well as trying to get an angry child to stay calm. This has given him the drive to create humanistic plans to tackle community crime figures while understanding how they affect ordinary people and ensuring our solutions are fit for purpose.

Peter believes that Democracy is a conversation, and folk understanding what is being discussed is just as important as communicating the idea itself.

He will work toward strategies that benefit human beings; not to suit corporate growth but to renew our understanding of the commons and the common good. By creating awareness of the 'Scottish Common Good Fund' and its five hundred and thirty-year history, Peter believes we can connect with the ideas and processes that communities really need.

Peter is also committed to working to expose the criminal accountability of politicians who do not fully serve the public's best interests.

To get in touch with Peter, email him at [email protected]