Scotland’s Future is Too Important to be Given to the SNP or the Tories – Renew Proposes a Better Way to Address the Independence Question


Renew Scotland has warned that leaving the future of Scotland in the hands of the SNP or the Conservatives would be a huge mistake.


“No matter what evidence comes to light there is no scenario in which the SNP could say that remaining in the Union is a good idea, or that the Tories could say independence for Scotland is the right move,” said Heather Astbury of Renew.


“It is reasonable to raise the question of independence again following the UK’s exit from the EU, because what Scotland voted for in 2014 – to remain in the UK and the EU – is no longer an option. But we can’t repeat the mistakes of the Brexit debate. Politicians got away with presenting misleading arguments to the public and shouting down evidence presented by experts.


“The people of Scotland must have the facts around Scottish independence and be able to question and debate evidence from experts. But it is hard to see who the trusted actors are to present these with integrity.  It certainly won’t be the SNP or the Tories.


“What’s more, the SNP’s entire reason for being is to win Scottish Independence. If they don’t do it this time they are finished and they know it. We can’t trust anything they say with that level of pressure to deliver a particular result resting on their shoulders.  Similarly the Tories will be skewing presentation of the issues to secure the Union at any cost.  And they will do this without any reference at all to what the views of independence-minded Scots might actually be.”


“Scottish people need and deserve a voice they can trust.  Renew can and will be that voice.”


If a majority of voters vote for parties seeking independence, Renew would propose the following steps: first, an indicative referendum that posed a small number of conditional questions to gather much needed information about what sort of relationship Scottish voters wanted with the rest of the United Kingdom.  If the results from that referendum showed a clear desire for independence, and gave direction as to the nature of the future relationship with the United Kingdom, this would start a process of consultation and negotiation to achieve a framework agreement that could then be put before Scottish voters again in a confirmatory referendum.  The entire process would be overseen by a Commission of Scottish Elders drawn from all parties and none, and from all walks of life and parts of the country.


“Whether or not Scotland becomes independent is a huge decision and one that would have huge ramifications for many years to come,” Heather added. “It is too important a decision to made on the basis of unverified information put forward by wrangling political parties with their own agendas to serve.


“Renew is a new party, bringing a new approach to politics.  A question of this magnitude cannot be left to party politics but must involve the whole of Scotland.  Renew will work to that end; so that Scottish voters can trust the process, can have an open debate without rancour, and can have faith in the outcome whatever that may be.”

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